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The world´s first
breathable Silicone-Liner!

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Safety, Comfort and Activity.

Improve quality of life!

Safety is the nuts and bolts of leg amputees - the prosthesis must be able to adhere to the leg reliably while being comfortable and avoiding pressure points. The connection between the stump and the prosthesis is provided by liners, a type of stocking that is pulled over the stump. The "SoftSkin Air" developed by Uniprox GmbH & Co. KG is the world's first breathable silicone liner. Special micro pores drain perspiration and moisture from the stump, so that skin irritations, moisture accumulation and unwanted slipping out can be avoided.

In addition to a professionally and technically highly qualified advice, the distributors of the world's first breathable silicone liner SoftSkin Air® are therefore TOP in supply and service. Everything that contributes to your freedom of movement, safety and quality of life.

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Kontaktieren Austria
Uniprox GmbH & Co. KG
+49 36628 663300, info@uniprox.de
Kontaktieren Belgium
Bauerfeind Benelux
+31 (0)23 531 94 27, l.metten@bauerfeind.nl
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Bauerfeind d.o.o.
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MTL Prosthetic Center Ltd.
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Bauerfeind d.o.o.
+385 1 2220718, anja@bauerfeind.hr
Kontaktieren Finland
(+358) 10 5018 745, info@linctus.fi
Kontaktieren France
+33 488196010, contact@okosolution.com
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Uniprox GmbH & Co. KG
+49 36628 663300, info@uniprox.de
Kontaktieren Greece
+30-2106996220, info@crcenter.eu
Kontaktieren Greece
Rehab Line
+30 210 67 40083, info@rehabline.gr
Kontaktieren Italy
+39 051 571725, MTO.A@MTO.IT
Kontaktieren Luxembourg
Bauerfeind Benelux
+31 (0)23 531 94 27, l.metten@bauerfeind.nl
Kontaktieren Netherlands
Bauerfeind Benelux
+31 (0)23 531 94 27, l.metten@bauerfeind.nl
Kontaktieren Norway
Ortopro AS
(+47) 55 91 88 60, post@ortopro.no
Kontaktieren Russia
Phoenix ltd.
+7 (812) 410-26-12, idmitriev@list.ru
Kontaktieren Serbia
Bauerfeind d.o.o.
+381/11-3445-432, prodavnica@bauerfeind.rs
Kontaktieren Slovakia
Protea s.r.o.
00 421 2/4363 5036, protea@protea.sk
Kontaktieren Slovenia
Bauerfeind d.o.o.
+386(0)1 4272 941, info@bauerfeind.si
Kontaktieren Spain
OKM Quimica Ortopedica SL
+ 34 96 385 66 33, info@bauerfeind.es
Kontaktieren Switzerland
Frey Orthopädie-Bedarf AG
+49 36628 663300, info@uniprox.de
Kontaktieren UK
+44 (0)113 202 5211, customerservices@steepergroup.com
Kontaktieren Ukraine
+ 38 044 4861406, pur@nmpo.com.ua
Kontaktieren Israel
+972.3.5409333, info@gilron.com
Kontaktieren Denmark
Ortopro AS
(+47) 5591 8860, post@ortopro.no
Kontaktieren Sweden
Ortopro AS
(+47) 5591 8860, post@ortopro.no
Kontaktieren Jordan
Ibn Sina Center
+962-6-5620590, bashar@ibnsinamedical.com
Kontaktieren Lebanon
+961 1365610, administration@orthocare.com.lb
Kontaktieren Qatar
Qish medical
+974 70709675, ijas@qishmedical.com
Kontaktieren UAE
+971 (0)443 35 685, daniel.martin@otb-uae.com
Kontaktieren Jordan
+962 6530 0332, Nabil_Khashman@hotmail.com
Kontaktieren Egypt
Solid Trade
00202 240 49541, info@solid-trade.com
Kontaktieren Saudi Arabia
Qomel Co. Ltd
+966 11 288 6660, info@qomel.com
Kontaktieren China
+86-021-66182985, purchase@usa-yoband.com
Kontaktieren Japan
IMASEN Engineering Corporation
(81)90-2348-9484, a_suzuki@imasengiken.co.jp
Kontaktieren Korea
Sunglim Trading Co.
(82 2) 2164-8181, sunglim@sunglimtrading.com
Kontaktieren Singapore
Integratif Medical Pte Ltd
62248468, lydia@integratif.com.sg
Kontaktieren Malaysia
Teh Lin Prosthetic & Orthopaedic Co
+60 (03) 427 000 99, tehlin.my@gmail.com
Kontaktieren Indonesia
PT. Orthocare Indonesia
(021) 588 33 94, pt.orthocare.indonesia@gmail.com
Kontaktieren Australia
oapl. Orthopaedic Appliances Pty Ltd
1300 866 275, info@oapl.com.au
Kontaktieren Canada
Ortoped LLC
1.514.342.6161, Logistics@ortoped.ca
Kontaktieren USA
Human Intelligence Technology LLC
1 (888) 750-6840, sales@humanitechnology.com
Kontaktieren USA
800-321-1264, www.pelservice.com
Kontaktieren USA
Cascade Orthopedic Supply
800-888-0865, www.cascade-usa.com
Kontaktieren USA
800-767-7776 x 1104, www.spsco.com
Kontaktieren Mexico
Ortiz Internacional SA DE CV
+52 3338 11 - 2151, ortizinter@gmail.com
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This is how your new silicone liner works.

The SoftSkin Air® in live test.

In a test setup the functionality of the breathable silicone liner SoftSkin Air® can be demonstrated in a live test. Micropores prevent even minimal perspiration - the removal of sweat to the outside becomes visible.

Softskin Air Demo

The real winner


SoftSkin Air® - the world's first breathable silicone liner!

The advantages at a glance.

  • Low perspiration through micropores
  • Increased safety through better adhesion
  • Pleasant and longer wearing comfort
  • No skin irritations
  • Simple application with or without distal connection
  • Easy rolling up of the liner by textile coating
  • Suitable for patients in mobility classes 1-4
  • Pin holder made of stainless steel
  • Liner stand included

3 mm
30, 40 or 50 Shore A
370 mm
Silicone with textile
Silicone liner with plastic liner stand


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